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How can I find a good ship management company to manage my ships

How Can I Find A Good Ship Management Company To Manage My Ships
How Can I Find A Good Ship Management Company To Manage My Ships

With the world’s increasing reliance on e-commerce, growing international trade, and more focus on supply chains, maritime shipping has gained a new level of importance and priority. 

For ship owners this is a massive boon in terms of increased profitability, but it comes with a few problems of its own.

Concerns for Ship Owners

First of these, is increased customer expectation. Shipping delays are some of the most common complaints by customers and persistent failures to meet deadlines can mean loss of revenue and reputation. Reputation, not only the ship owners but also that of the customer. One small accident with a huge media coverage can destroy reputations. 

Secondly, in this highly competitive environment there is a need to improve efficiency and optimise in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Finally there is also a lack of expertise. While independent ship owners may have their own operating capabilities, other investors may own a portfolio of ships and might need to delegate responsibilities to international ship management companies. Furthermore, in a rapidly changing world, even independent ship owners might find it difficult to keep up with the many innovations in the industry.

Ship management services located in maritime centres like Singapore, can help with all these issues and provide even greater benefits beyond solving them.

Reliable and Trustworthy International Shipping Management

Increased customer expectation

Shipping parcels from one location to another via sea is an extremely complex operation. From making sure the vessel complies with Flag State regulations and international codes, to hiring a trained crew, and handling paperwork, there’s a lot of moving parts involved.

Ship owners who aren’t equipped to properly handle these requirements run the risk of delayed shipments. This can have an acute short-term impact on their quarterly profits and a severe long-term impact on their reputation. With so many options for retailers, one bad shipment could mean a customer leaving your business for a competitor.

Reliable and trustworthy international ship management companies can help mitigate such issues. By leaving parts, or all aspects, or your operation to them, you can rest assured that your reputation and reliability is in expert hands.

Improving Efficiency and Optimisation

Ship management companies also have a wealth of data at their disposal. By using this data and pairing it with the latest ship management software, they can find ways to make your business more efficient to reduce costs and improve profitability. 
Business owners can also tap on the economies of scale provided by international ship management services. Trained crews come from a larger pool and human resource management is much simpler. Technical management is also sorted out much more quickly and efficiently, allowing business owners to focus on expanding and growing their own companies.

Ship Management to Handle All Aspects of Shipping

Providing Expertise

Private investors and banks represent a significant portion of ship owners globally. Although they have the financial means to own an individual ship, or even a fleet, they may not have the necessary expertise to manage them.

That’s where ship management companies come in. Equipped to handle all aspects of shipping, they can take control of all the day-to-day management and provide a reliable, consistent, time and money saving service.

Beyond solving issues, businesses can also directly benefit from utilising ship management services. Delegating management out often leads to reduced overheads overall due to a smaller number of in-house staff and ship management companies with a large fleet under their supervision can also negotiate better contracts for maintenance, repair and insurance.

In general, even with the cost involved in engaging ship management companies in Singapore, businesses can expect to save money in both the short and long term by engaging their services. 

They are also able to focus on more important and profitable aspects of their business, compete with bigger fleets, and stay ahead of the curve with industry experts guiding the way.

Want to find out more on how your business can benefit from ship management services? Contact us today to get in touch with us with your questions.

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Maritime Kelly Anne Rescue Mission

maritime kelly anne rescue mission team

Maritime Kelly Anne Rescue Mission

Maritime Kelly Anne recently conducted a high-sea rescue of a French national, Mr. Jean Jacques Savin, aged 71 years from a distressed sea craft in the Caribbean region on 3rd of May 2019.

The vessel had received a distress message that was relayed by the USCG which was received from the French adventurer and former military paratrooper, who had previously set off for the Caribbean in a barrel on a 3 month voyage from the Canary Islands using the aid of ocean currents and dropping markers to help oceanographers from the JCOMMOPS International Marine Observatory in the study of currents in the Atlantic.

Maritime Kelly Anne reacted decisively and covered 282NM in reaching the distress craft’s location around 0020Hrs UTC on the 03rd May 2019 and successfully rescued Mr. Jacques. Vessel then proceeded to St. Eustatius and disembarked Mr. Savin, where after receiving medical care he would be repatriated to his native France.

MSI, applauds and recognizes excellent seamanship exhibited by the ships team commanded by Capt. Abhishek Pant.

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Maritime GISELA Rescue of 8 Seafarers Off Stricken Vessel in West Coast of India

Maritime GISELA Rescue of 8 Seafarers OffStricken Vessel in WestCoast of India

Maritime Gisela had successfully conducted a daring rescue operation which resulted in the rescue of 8 seafarers whose vessel MSV JEHOVAH CHRIST was sinking off the Western Coast of India on 1st March 2019.

Vessel was enroute from Jebel Ali to Singapore when at 0800 hrs LT, she received a distress call from MSV JEHOVAH CHRIST. The vessel was reported to be suffering water ingress due to malfunctioning of water pumping equipment onboard, which lead the vessel to start sinking.

Maritime Gisela approached the MSV JEHOVAH CHRIST, keeping her on port side, however engines onboard the distressed vessel were immersed in water when she was about 3 cable length from Maritime Gisela.

By 0905 hrs LT, the distress vessel was alongside Maritime Gisela and 8 crew members along with their belongings were rescued safely at 0912 hrs LT.

Maritime Gisela was then maneuvered to clear off the distress vessel. The 8 rescued crew was then transferred to the MSV RAJAM, which was bound for New Mangalore at 1245 LT, transferring the 8 rescued crew members by 1410LT. At 1500hrs LT, Gisela, then resumed her passage to Singapore.

On behalf of all at MSI we like to commend the ship’s command and crew onboard the Maritime Gisela for their exemplary courage in undertaking swift and decisive action resulting in the successful rescue of the lives of 8 fellow seafarers.

We are also please to announce that the MT Gisela was awarded the Bravery Award by the Marine Department, Hong Kong in recognition of all the crew onboard who had participated the successful rescue effort.

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